Tyrant of the Year

Mixed Media Painting (2' x 3'): sold for $400.00

As a series of a larger political satire body of work produced in art school, Tyrant of the Year, Vladimir Putin, a representation of editorial magazine cover mock ups.  This particular piece was created post Time Magazine awarding Putin as Person of the Year for 2007.  The focus was to illuminate the less than honorable practices of the, at that time, Russian President. 

This painting was purchased at an exhibition by a couple from a former Soviet republic, Georgia. It now resides in their home in London, UK.

The political body of work began as small (6" x 10" +/-) mixed media drawings as seen to the right.  The work then progressed to larger illustrations that served as studies for paintings (below).  These painting were the final product and sold ($50-125/ea.).

The following is an assortment of the aforementioned editorial cover mock-ups, which served as snapshots of a moment in time, at that time (2005-2008), in addition to larger (3' x 5') mixed media (magazine clippings, medal, paint, fabric) pieces focused on the individual depicted and their perceived persona, and less on a specific moment (purchase price: $400-650/ea.).